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(Fic) Endergame - Part 16: Taking chances


Very long train journeys can focus the mind considerably - although not, apparently, in a way that makes me very concise.  Still not the last chapter, but I guess you could say the End is in sight ;)

Title:Part 16: Taking chances
Setting: Endergame (AO3)
Warnings: Severe injury; blood; dismemberment; burns; cauterisation.
Summary: The end-game continues.
Genre / characters: Gen; ensemble Yogcraft cast overall (individual chapters tagged).
Words: 5200

"Concentrate your fire!"

It was even hard to yell here. Any sound that Xephos made seemed to be whipped away almost immediately, or subsumed under the constant grating-screech of Ender voices that swarmed around their little beachhead. Beside him, Tee was lining up another arrow, his pupils slit-narrow in concentration and gleaming in the flickering light, as another fireball bloomed above Zoey’s outstretched hand.

Behind the three of them, the rest of the group were spread out in a half-circle, keeping back the massing Ender by a combination of desperate melee combat, sheer luck, and the fact that they had all managed to get to this spit of white rock just ahead of their various pursuers. The last pillar speared skywards, jutting up out of another sickeningly-empty chasm that started far, far too close to Xephos’ boots. The crystal swirled above it, tauntingly-clear in the strange air, but in actual practise it was frustratingly far away, and bloody hard to hit.

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it… just keeps getting better and better




//Finished the ref for Minty Bubbles! Hope you like it friend! :D //

Aero bar the pony

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(your art is DARLING btw~)

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Math - Eurofurence 20

One of the reasons I really wanna get Dragonwatch out there as a story, once I have things figured out for it, is because of the variety in the cast in terms of identity.

In the main four we have someone who is lesbian, someone who is bisexual, someone who is straight, and someone who is asexual/aromantic.

One of those main four is a girl, Kimber, who has an identical twin brother. Just digest that term for a second. [As a note still not sure if I want to have him be trans canonically or if it’s just like, they’re identical and one’s a girl and one’s a boy but no one is sure which is cis and which isn’t and no one really knows? Or particularly cares.] 

Also there’s magic and monsters and technology.

Yeah. Really wanna tell that story some day.

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I need more stories with characters that are blatantly, unapologetically aromantic or asexual. Or anywhere on the aro/ace-spectrums, really.

Not “This character hasn’t shown attraction to anyone so maybe they could be aro or ace.”

Not “These characters aren’t explicitly shown having sex, so for all we know it might be a celibate relationship.”

Not “The author said it in an interview but it isn’t stated in the work itself.”

Not “The work hints at it but doesn’t use the word itself so that heteronormative audiences won’t feel threatened by it.”

Not “The character is actually gay/bi/pan, but I’ll pretend they’re asexual because I don’t want to accept their sexuality.”

Not “I don’t want to ship this character with anybody else so I’ll say they’re asexual/aromantic so I can ignore them.”

Not “We needed a way to show the character was evil / heartless / stoic / aloof / inhuman / alien, so we made the character asexual/aromantic even though that’s a stereotype.”

I need stories where the aro-ness or ace-ness is so clear the audience can’t mistake it for anything else.

I need stories for which I can say “That character is aromantic/asexual!” and not have other people tell me I’m just making it up, or not acknowledging the character’s “real” orientation, or that it’s “just my interpretation.”

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I remember when i made this video made up of every time Lewis freaks out/cries during Trucking Tuesday

i dont think i ever uploaded it, so here it is :p

Lewis breaking down in tears was always the best thing about trucking tuesdays. I miss this series so much lmfao.

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Korrasami don’t give a shit.

Yay. I’m finally done.These two are fab.


Korra/Asami © Nickelodeon

Art © Me





Who doesn’t like thunderstorms?


Aw, puppy <3

Is that a snow leopard?


That’s Kou! I’ve had him like… 8 years? He’s my comfort animal. I take him on any trip I go on - you can see his tag there, that’s got my phone number on it, in case I set him down somewhere and lose him. (It happened my first FWA - I’m so grateful for the tag!!)

You left Kou your first FWA?! I never knew that! I think you may have mentioned it, but if so I totally forgot! Eek! I’m so glad you got him back! D8

I DID. I left him in either a panel room or at a Dealer’s Table I don’t remember which but they called me like 10 minutes later like “WE HAVE KOU” and I was just SO GLAD FOR THAT TAG. I might never have found him!!

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