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This blogger is not an actual puppy, sorry to disappoint.


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dont get me wrong i totally fucking love how much tumblr is trying to bring awareness to bisexuality pansexuality and asexuality. but you know what else they need to bring to attention?

  • polysexuality
  • aromanticism
  • people whose sexualities and romantic orienations dont line up


So here’s a quick tutorial of how I made these wings.
Figure out your design, draw it out, leave some leeway for sowing, and cut it out.
Sow it up. Cut a vertical opening in the center to pull it through. In the 4th and 5th picture it shows the crease of the feather. To fix it you snip the fabric as close to the stitch line as possible without cutting the thread.
Around this part is where you should attach the straps. Turn it right side out. Using that vertical hole to reach the spot to stitch.
Now stuff it.
Probably the toughest part, stitching the feather design. I used my white chalk to draw the guide line and used a strait stitch and same colored thread to do the design.
Make sure its relatively tightly stuffed so it with hold itself up. You could try putting a rigid armature inside if its having floppy issues.
Hand-sew the opening shut and its all done.

Gone for ONE WEEKEND and I suddenly have 23 Yogscast videos to catch up on.



Drinking red dog by Tambako the Jaguar on Flickr.


The deer and the fox.

spyromancy answered your post: Taking art requests right now to test …

draw that cute winged wolfy in your bg / signature on evelon? ovo

THAT IS ACTUALLY MY FURSONA at least one of her forms, and of course I never give up a chance to draw her. <3 She’s actually a border collie / golden dragon,.

Not gonna lie, I very well may clean this one up later. I’ve been trying to get this kind of pose/anatomy in the limbs for AWHILE and I’m giddy to have succeeded on some level.

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Taking art requests right now to test this puppy out some more.

Any takers?

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Is it hasty to say that I think I’m in love with this tablet???